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The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma
September 26, 2010

The word entrepreneur has an interesting ring to it.  I’m unsure of the word’s origin but I do know the entrepreneur is a unique animal.  Often rebellious, a little crazy, generally intelligent, creative, and ambitious, the entrepreneur’s character is a blend of idealism and realism.  He is at once a part of the everyday world and removed from it at the same time.  No one, not even the entrepreneur himself, is quite sure who’s at bat (the pragmatist, the dreamer, the idealist, the rebel, or the conformist) on any given day, but he gets to bat early and he stays well past the last inning.  While every entrepreneur is different, they all have one thing in common, a willingness to work hard.  It’s the entrepreneur’s secret weapon.  He knows that others might be as smart or smarter or they might be as qualified or even more qualified to do a job, but the entrepreneur also knows in his heart that, although he might not always win the battle, he always stands a good chance of winning the war.  You see, the entrepreneur has, throughout his working life, watched others grow weary, give in, give up, or just plain quit.  However, throwing in the towel is not an option for the true entrepreneur, and the word quit, well, it’s simply not a part of his vocabulary.  In fact, the word quit is never allowed to enter his consciousness; he never speaks the word.  What separates him from the next person is simple, old-fashioned drive and a willingness to keep going long after everyone has stopped, given up, or gone home.  The entrepreneur knows that over time the extra minutes add up.  His desire to improve, to be more efficient, to do something better than the next person is what compels him – it’s a yearning that’s at the core of his being.  It’s a part of his very DNA.  It’s not something that can be taught in school or taught at home.  It’s something you either have or you don’t.  The entrepreneur’s arena, his hobby if you will, differs from most.  His world is a laboratory where he constantly mixes hard work, creativity, ingenuity, productivity, motivation and efficiency until he hits upon a successful formula.  If it’s true that most people are made uncomfortable by the unknown, the entrepreneur is not.  In truth, he relishes in it.  In fact, where most people run from the unknown, the entrepreneur is drawn to it like a moth to the light.  You see, the entrepreneur’s nature is both a blessing and a curse.  He is compelled to achieve not by external forces but by an internal mechanism that drives him to constantly raise the bar as well as his own expectations.  As a result, no job, no project, no task is ever finished, and this is the entrepreneur’s dilemma.


Feeding the Brain
September 20, 2010

Is information overload real? I think the answer might be yes and no.  I know it’s yes because I’ve suffered from it.  I also know it happens less often than it should – at least for me.  The reality is our brains are capable of processing much more information than we ask them to.  The brain’s ability to process information rapidly helps us cope and survive in today’s information rich environment.  With so much information coming at us every second, it’s very important to find creative ways to  manage the unending information that is flying at us and past us everyday.  Technology can help or hinder this process.  In the business arena, for instance, technology may help us gain access to a wealth of information but it does nothing to separate the vital from the trivial .   Technology can also help us organize the information we deem important, but processing the same information and then drawing conclusions from it is another issue entirely.  Doing so, however, has to be a primary goal for all business owners.  Just having access to data is no longer a challenge for most people or most businesses, and access to information no longer sets businesses apart.  With minimal technology and the internet, tons of information is merely a few clicks away for anyone.  It makes no difference whether you’re  a Fortune 500 company or a company with 5 employees, the issue is the same for both.  Answering the following question is the key issue for small and large companies alike.  How do you shake the mountain of information down and filter out what’s important and what’s not?   In business, constantly feeding your brain is crucial.  This is a fact.  However, being strategic in how you handle the information is really what sets you or your company apart from the competition.  Feeding the brain is only the first step.  New business opportunities await those who not only know how to find the information but also know how to analyze the information and then do something productive with it – just finding it isn’t enough anymore.

The Alliance Corridor in Fort Worth – A Great Place to Live & Work
September 7, 2010

Living and working in the Alliance Corridor of Fort Worth is fantastic. I am amazed at the steady pace of growth in this part of the Metroplex. Yes, there has been a slowdown here just like in many other areas, but the growth and positive outlook about the future have generally continued in spite of the national economic woes. New retailers are arriving everyday, businesses are relocating to the area at a steady pace, and people are realizing there is a hidden jewel in downtown Fort Worth. The Trinity River vision will further expand the limits of downtown and bring more activity and vibrancy to the area. What we need now is a major entertainment venue in North Fort Worth to complement the Texas Motor Speedway.  A Disney World perhaps? It makes perfectly good sense to me. I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for Fort Worth, the humble neighbor of Dallas.  I think great things are in store for the city known as Cowtown.