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Blue Leaf Realty Adds New Agent – Jimmy Ramey
June 25, 2011

J. Ramey Realtor

Blue Leaf Realty, a privately held real estate company serving North Texas, continues to grow and is proud to announce the addition of a new real estate agent – Mr. Jimmy Ramey.  As is the case with all BlueLeaf agents, Mr. Ramey is looking forward to Delivering Remarkable Service to his clients.  “We are blessed and very excited to have Jimmy as part of our residential and commercial real estate group,” says BlueLeaf co-founder, Liana Oram.  “He is an outstanding person who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our company.”  Mr. Ramey, a native Texan, grew up in Grapevine, attended Texas Tech University, and he is also a professional bartender for weddings and private events.


A Small Fish In A Big Pond
June 18, 2011

In what has become a highly consolidated and very competitive business environment, running a company in America has gotten much tougher, especially when you are a small fish in a big pond.  Surviving as a small business in today’s murky economic climate requires that you outswim, outsmart, and outmaneuver the competition each and every day.  Otherwise, you get eaten.  What’s required most of all, however, is the heart of a champion.  Every small fish in a big pond possesses the heart of a champion.  Even so, it’s still no picnic.  There are always bigger fish swimming around that must continue eating or they too will perish.  Yes, they are slow, but they are hungry and constantly on the look-out for their next meal.   Steady vigilance is required.  More than ever, small fish need the support of their community.  Why?  Because small fish embody the American Dream, and right now the American Dream is against the ropes.  

Supporting the small fish in your pond is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  The first thing is to recognize the value in choosing to work with a small fish in a big pond.  Start by patronizing those small businesses in your community that are run by local entrepreneurs.  Secondly, look for businesses with a heart.  Often, these are the small independent outfits run by a small  fish from your pond.  Thirdly, don’t assume that a large company can serve you better than a small one.  Some of the many wonderful benefits of working with a small fish in a big pond are:

  • Better Overall Customer Service
  • Faster response time
  • Exceptional communication
  • More flexibility
  • Easy accessibility

Perhaps the best benefit of all is that you get to support a small business in your own community.  Not sure what a small fish looks like, watch this movie trailer and you’ll recognize the heart of a champion.  Show some heart by embracing a small fish in your pond today – you’ll be glad you did!

Sealing the Envelope
June 12, 2011

 Blog by Liana Oram, Co-Founder of Blue Leaf Realty in Fort Worth, TX             

One of the areas of consideration when “going green” is evaluating and improving the building envelope.   These are the parts of the building that separate the interior space from the exterior.  This shell includes the foundation, exterior walls, windows, roof, exterior doors, and floors.  When you think about energy efficiency, this just makes sense.  When it is cold outside, we want to be warm.  When it is hot, we seek the cool interior.  Any transfer between the inside and the outside results in greater energy usage for us to be comfortable.  The two main action areas of closing the envelope are sealing and insulating – the main goal being to separate the inside and outside air.  If you are going for a specific GREEN certification, you need to be sure to consider these issue during the design stage of the building, but to seal an existing building you can use simple materials such as caulk and advanced materials such as OwenCornings new Energy Complete sealant. 

 The roof and windows are two very important considerations when sealing the envelope.  The options for roofs range from green roofs, which can be as simple or complex as you choose, to the installation of solar panels – a great way to create your own energy.  Green roofs also help prevent the heat island effect in urban areas – an extra plus!  Windows also have insulation and coating that helps let light into the building while reducing heat/cold exchange.  These low-e windows are increasingly common in all types of construction and are even part of many building codes. Doors and the efficiency of the HVAC system  play a huge role in helping to seal the building envelope and keep the occupants comfortable and healthy.  One interesting consideration when sealing a building is managing CO2 content.  Again, there are simple and complex solutions.  Opening the windows and allowing for a cross breeze refreshes the inside air.  There are also CO2 sensors that work with the HVAC system to bring in outside air when a specified level of CO2 is detected. 

When considering “going green” it is important to realize that there are many steps, considerations, and options – sealing the envelope is just one.  Determining your goals at the onset can help you focus your attention and resources in such a way to achieve maximum results and to take another step toward sustainability.