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Approximately 526,000
January 24, 2012

CCR may have said it best when they sang, It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no fortunate one; it ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no millionaire’s son.”  As the owner of  Blue Leaf Realty, one thing I can say for sure is that good fortune has not come our way unless it was the result of hard work and personal sacrifice.  It certainly has not been the result of lucky breaks or fortuitous timing.    

Although real estate has been challenging at times, quitting never was an option.  Some, even from within our inner circle, have called us crazy; others have simply called us stubborn and left it at that.  Are we crazy?  I don’t think so, although I’ll freely admit that a stubborn streak runs through both me and my wife.  The truth is building from the ground up is difficult but it’s our nature, and for us it’s an integral part of the pursuit of the American Dream.  All along, our mantra has been that anything worth doing is seldom, if ever, easy. 

In our case, my wife and I did not inherit a company that was built by our predecessors, nor were either of us born with silver spoons.  Our real estate company was not borne out of a real estate boom; in fact, it was the opposite as we’ve been compelled to grow our company in an unprecedented downturn.  Furthermore, we did not receive funds to start our company from a wealthy relative or a venture capitalist and we have received no bailouts when times were tough.  No bank lent us money to get started, nor have we sold stock to would-be investors.  Instead, we simply put one foot in front of the other each day and relied upon common-sense, hard work, and faith in God along with a tenacious belief in the idea that the American Dream might be injured but it’s not dead – not for us at least.  

The reality is the formula for success is not that complicated and fairly easy to replicate.  It just involves a lot of hard work in the form of blood, sweat, and tears which makes all the difference, approximately 526,000 minutes worth of it every year.  In my opinion, that’s how good things, maybe even great things, get built, by layering minute upon minute of hard work and sacrifice.  That’s the way grandma and grandpa did it back when hard work mattered and personal sacrifice counted for something, and that’s the way we intend to do it – one minute, one hour, one day, and one month at a time.  We hope to see you at the finish line!


Training Super-Agents in DFW
January 15, 2012

Helpful real estate agents aren’t easy to find; well-trained agents are even harder to find.  Blue Leaf Realty is changing that.  At Blue Leaf Realty, each agent is a Texas Realtor and undergoes extensive training designed with achieving BlueLeaf’s MISSION of Delivering Remarkable Service in mind.  The following categories comprise the BlueLeaf Super-Agent framework:  the Client Driven Agent, the Recognized Agent, the Organized Agent, the Professional Agent, and the Exceptional Agent.  Each category contains 4-6 independent lessons that challenge each BlueLeaf agent to think critically about each aspect of the real estate transaction.  At its core, the training is designed to help the agent better serve his or her clients and develop a sustainable real estate business model.  All BlueLeaf agents are required to finalize this training in addition to the education required by TX real estate law within their very first year of practicing.  As an added bonus, each agent completes many hours of BLR elective course material designed to enhance their understanding of their role within the real estate process.  Put this all together and what you have is a group of agents who are committed to Delivering Remarkable Service to their clients.  Thanks to all our agents who go out of their way each day to bolster our reputation – we appreciate your hard work and effort.

BlueLeaf Educates Consumers About Real Estate
January 13, 2012

BlueLeaf Realty believes in the power of education.  In fact, the company was started by former teachers, Scott and Liana Oram, so it is not surprising that BlueLeaf is dedicated to educating consumers about real estate trends and issues.  In a bold effort to educate new home buyers, BlueLeaf has designed a 1st Time Home Buyer Workshop.  Free to the consumer,  this workshop allows prospective buyers the opportunity to learn about the home buying process with no pressure to act.  If you are thinking about buying a home, is the first step toward making that happen.  Don’t learn the hard way — get educated and then buy a home — it’s the right direction and the right decision.

25 in 2012
January 2, 2012

A new year is all about resolutions.  At BlueLeaf Realty, our 2012 resolution is to partner with 25 new agents in 2012.  That means recruiting talented people in the DFW Metroplex who want to further their real estate careers at a company that cares about people, not just numbers.  Honestly, we are hoping the market gives us a lift.  There may be good news on the horizon as signals are indicating that a sustainable real estate recovery could be underway.  Hopefully, this is the case.  A strong real estate recovery will help the overall economy.  If real estate is indeed on the mend, now is the time to begin building a successful real estate business.  If you’re in the North Texas area and would like to talk about partnering with BlueLeaf, visit  Become one of the ‘original 25’ at the company that is Delivering Remarkable Service to clients across DFW.