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Taking the Plunge
February 23, 2012

Buying A Home?

 The decision to buy a home is not driven by price and value alone.  It is much more complicated.  In fact, the decision to buy a home has underlying drivers that are conscious and subconscious, rational and emotional, and simple and complex all at once.  While a would-be buyer is attempting to deal with price and value, he is also forced to grapple with much more powerful issues.  Psychological issues such as status, safety, a desire to belong, and perhaps the most powerful driver of all, the eagerness to move forward, to get to the next stage in life.  All of these very powerful thoughts and emotions are poured into a cauldron to simmer and then stirred and mixed thoroughly for good measure.  This is when the going gets tough!  At one moment, price and value are the most important driver for a would-be home buyer.  In the very next moment, status and security are the overriding forces behind the decision to purchase a home.  The would-be home buyer must be ready to let these powerful emotions and thoughts coalesce into a well-formed decision to buy.  When the right balance is struck between the rational and the emotional systems we call upon to make important decisions like buying a home, then, and only then, is a buyer ready to make the commitment necessary to find a home, put it under contract, spend money on deposits and inspections, and ultimately sign on the dotted line.