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Going Back to School
August 28, 2012

As returning students, Liana and I did not really know what to expect when we signed up for graduate school at UTA in 2010.  Returning to school required some getting used to but we got back into the swing of it pretty fast.  Of course, we were older than most of our classmates and we had a business to run, but like many of them, we stayed up late on several occasions completing real estate projects and assignments.  Fortunately, we had each other to lean on.  We completed many projects together over the last two years and even wrote several real estate blogs.  Below is a complete list of the coursework that we completed to earn the MS in Real Estate at UTA:

REAE 5311 – Real Estate Analysis
REAE 5327 – Advanced Real Estate Market Analysis
REAE 5334 – Seminar in Real Estate Appraisal & ARGUS Software
REAE 5321 – Seminar in Real Estate Investment
REAE 5314 – Seminar in Real Estate Development
REAE 5319 – Seminar in Real Estate Finance
REAE 5317 – Real Estate Construction Management
REAE 5320 – Texas Real Estate Tour
REAE 5313 – GIS and Property Analysis
REAE 5318 – Sustainable Development
REAE 5315 – Real Estate Trends & Issues
REAE 5316 – Adaptive Reuse & Redevelopment

We learned a great deal about commercial real estate and would like to say thanks to professors, Dr. Forgey and Dr. Peterson, for helping us along the way.  For me, I must also say thanks to Liana.  She’s been a great study partner and has become a great spreadsheet creator, easily surpassing my expertise.  She’s not bad with a 10bii calculator either.  It’s been a lot of fun, we learned a lot, and we met some really nice people who I’m sure will prosper in the field of real estate.  Completing the program is a milestone and we are very glad to be done, but now comes the challenging part — putting what we learned into practice!

For help with commercial or residential real estate, please visit us online at where the MISSION is to Deliver Remarkable Service.


Blue Leaf Realty Educates Real Estate Consumers in Tarrant County
July 26, 2012

Getting educated about the process and the marketplace is the most important step in the real estate process.  Scott and Liana Oram, Realtors and founders of Blue Leaf Realty, take educating consumers and clients to heart.  Both are former educators and both hold master’s degrees in education and master’s degrees in real estate.  They have designed real estate workshops for people in North Texas who have never purchased a home before as well as workshops for people who are investing in real estate to grow their net worth.  At day’s end, Blue Leaf agents believe that an educated client is one who ultimately makes smarter real estate decisions.  Whether you are buying or selling, please check out BlueLeaf’s website that outlines the FREE  Real Estate Workshops offered by Blue Leaf Realty and don’t miss out on this great resource.

BlueLeaf Creates A Blue Ocean
November 26, 2011

BlueLeaf Realty survives the real estate downturn by turning up the heat and implementing the Blue Ocean strategy to wow its customers.  The Blue Ocean strategy, proposed by  Kim and Mauborgne,  is very unique: it maintains that companies will succeed not be battling the competition head-on but by harnessing uncontested market space in a variety of ways.

BlueLeaf Realty has done just that and has built a great reputation.  “The customer response has been amazing!” says BlueLeaf’s co-founder, Liana Oram.  “In a very traditional industry, it’s difficult to raise the bar and create value for customers, but the Blue Ocean strategy has given us a plan to capitalize on our strengths as a small business in a very competitive environment.” 

Today, BlueLeaf Realty is fast-becoming one of the most desirable names in Real Estate, and BlueLeaf shows no signs of slowing down in spite of a protracted downturn in its industry.  Instead, it seems plausible that BlueLeaf will continue to grow by swimming in a slipstream in the calm waters of a blue ocean.  To learn more about how the Blue Ocean strategy can enhance your business, visit Blue Ocean today.  You’ll be glad you did!

Gifts from the IRS
October 10, 2011

The IRS mostly taketh but some times it giveth as well.  Two great gifts, compliments of the IRS, are the 1031 exchange and the primary residence exclusion, both useful in real estate.  The primary residence exclusion is beneficial for home owners occupying a primary residence for more than two years.  It allows home owners to exempt up to $250,000 in profit if they are single and up to $500,000 in profit if they are married on the sale of their primary residence.  The other, the 1031 exchange, is used most often by real estate investors looking to trade up to a property and defer their payment of taxes.  Both are wonderful gifts that provide investors and non-investors a unique opportunity to keep more money in their own pocket and pay less taxes but both have caveats and certain criteria that must be followed in order to qualify.   Although you don’t typically think of gifts when you think about the IRS, the primary residence exclusion and the 1031 exchange are just that – gifts from the IRS.  Take advantage and don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!  The content of this blog is not intended to provide legal or financial advice.  Always consult your attorney and/or your accountant for specific advice on tax deferral real estate strategies.

Real Estate — Is now the time to jump in?
April 6, 2011

Among other things, the answer depends on where you are in the country, but good real estate deals are out there if you know where to look and the time to start looking may have finally arrived.  The patient RE investor has been waiting on the sidelines and for good cause.  For a number of reasons, however, it’s now time to take to the field.  Opportunities are showing up in both the residential and commercial segments of the industry and interest rates are at historic lows.    So whether you are looking to invest in raw land, multi-family, commercial or residential, find a real estate professional who is knowledgeable and is willing to help you with the search, the due diligence, the negotiations, and the closing and make real estate a major part of your investment portfolio.  View WSJ poll results on whether now is the time to invest in real estate at

Eureka – gold reaches new high
November 4, 2010

Did someone shout eureka?  Currently it seems that many people have gold rush fever.  Not surprising given that the price of gold has eclipsed $1,300 an ounce.  Personally, I think gold is near its peak, but I read the other day where a proponent of gold investments was speculating that gold could reach $10,000 an ounce.  I don’t see that happening but I don’t claim to understand the gold craze either.  I certainly get that it’s a precious metal and that it is a hedge against inflation.  I get that we once operated on the gold standard, and I get that gold makes nice jewelry.  As an investment, however, it seems very overpriced and it costs money to store and secure.  Furthermore, there are other hedges against inflation such as oil, raw land, antiques, or fine art that are less speculative in nature.  As for me, I like oil and raw land.  Call me crazy, but I’m staying away from the current gold rush unless I’m betting the price will drop.      

Q:  What’s your take on investing in gold?