Spring is in the air!
March 22, 2014

Spring is in the air!

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Going Back to School
August 28, 2012

As returning students, Liana and I did not really know what to expect when we signed up for graduate school at UTA in 2010.  Returning to school required some getting used to but we got back into the swing of it pretty fast.  Of course, we were older than most of our classmates and we had a business to run, but like many of them, we stayed up late on several occasions completing real estate projects and assignments.  Fortunately, we had each other to lean on.  We completed many projects together over the last two years and even wrote several real estate blogs.  Below is a complete list of the coursework that we completed to earn the MS in Real Estate at UTA:

REAE 5311 – Real Estate Analysis
REAE 5327 – Advanced Real Estate Market Analysis
REAE 5334 – Seminar in Real Estate Appraisal & ARGUS Software
REAE 5321 – Seminar in Real Estate Investment
REAE 5314 – Seminar in Real Estate Development
REAE 5319 – Seminar in Real Estate Finance
REAE 5317 – Real Estate Construction Management
REAE 5320 – Texas Real Estate Tour
REAE 5313 – GIS and Property Analysis
REAE 5318 – Sustainable Development
REAE 5315 – Real Estate Trends & Issues
REAE 5316 – Adaptive Reuse & Redevelopment

We learned a great deal about commercial real estate and would like to say thanks to professors, Dr. Forgey and Dr. Peterson, for helping us along the way.  For me, I must also say thanks to Liana.  She’s been a great study partner and has become a great spreadsheet creator, easily surpassing my expertise.  She’s not bad with a 10bii calculator either.  It’s been a lot of fun, we learned a lot, and we met some really nice people who I’m sure will prosper in the field of real estate.  Completing the program is a milestone and we are very glad to be done, but now comes the challenging part — putting what we learned into practice!

For help with commercial or residential real estate, please visit us online at BlueLeafRealty.com where the MISSION is to Deliver Remarkable Service.

Liana Oram Completes Rigorous Program at UTA
August 12, 2012

Periodically, Realty Express takes a break from blogging about real estate trends and issues to congratulate one of its own.  This time the spotlight falls on Liana Oram, BlueLeaf’s cofounder.  She has just completed the final course, Construction Management, in the MSRE program at UTA, earning a master’s degree.  During the program, Liana completed a variety of courses focused on commercial real estate analysis, sustainability, and adaptive reuse.  She will graduate with honors, and has bold plans on how to implement what she has learned over the past two years.  Everyone at Blue Leaf Realty is very proud, so please join us in congratulating her on this terrific achievement.

Blue Leaf Agent Derick Townsend Sets Record…
July 2, 2012

Blue Leaf agent and military veteran, Derick Townsend, sets Blue Leaf single month new homes sales record in June by helping military personnel utilize the VA benefit.  We congratulate him on his accomplishment and wish him continued success in helping people from the military who want to become home owners.  VA loans are one of the few opportunities left whereby a home buyer can finance 100% of the sales price.  Of course, to be eligible for the VA benefit, you must be active or retired military from any branch of the armed services.  In light of the July 4th holiday, we are delighted to have an agent like Derick at Blue Leaf Realty who is dedicated to helping soldiers purchase a home.  On behalf of Derick and everyone else at Blue Leaf Realty, I would like to say thank you to those in the military for their service!

The Next Wave of Home Buyers
November 6, 2011

The next wave of home buyers is building momentum and it may be a tsunami-size wave.  But will it be the housing industry’s salvation?  Some, like me, are speculating that it will be but only time will tell.  Overall, job growth is important (a key component to a sustainable and robust real estate recovery), but a more important trend is the current generational shift underway whereby echo-boomers are beginning to influence every facet of the US economy from marketing and advertising to real estate.  Their influence has grown steadily as they come of age and begin to consume more and more.  Currently, this group’s buying power is estimated to be $200B annually, and this figure will only grow larger over the next decade.  As 80M gen Ys, roughly 25% of the US population, dig deeper and deeper into the workforce many changes will take place.  Standing between them and the corner offices, however, will be their own parents who have maintained a tight rein over corporate America and local, state and national government for decades.  Watching how this unfolds will be interesting as one group, the baby-boomers, seeks to protect what they have while the other group, the echo-boomers, simultaneously seeks to obtain what it wants.

Figuring out what the gen Y group wants will be a major challenge for all industries, including real estate.  Right now, for example, this group is driving much of the growth in multi-family.  As a result, multi-family has experienced a boom.  But what is the 18-32 year old demographic really looking for.  Determining what they want, of course, is very important and starts with understanding how gen Y differs from gen X and their baby-boomer parents.  Some research suggests the following characteristics of gen Y: 

  • ethnically diverse
  • better educated
  • tech savvy
  • charitable
  • very social
  • environmentally conscious
  • pet friendly
  • very active

Given these characteristics, residential builders are aiming to adapt their construction to fit gen Y.  What is this going to look like?  It could mean building communities that have wi-fi hot spots, walkability, mixed-use, smaller floor plans, more open space, amenities that support an active and social lifestyle, high-end finishes, and access to outdoor spaces.  In a nutshell, amenities that accommodate a balanced work and play lifestyle will be better suited to gen Y.  Today, this group is driving a boom in multi-family but soon will make the decision to own versus rent.  When they make this decision will depend on many factors.  At that time, however, the next generation of home buyers will drive the housing recovery. 

Just like all retailers, builders and developers are taking note of the next wave of home buyers, but appealing to gen Y will not be easy.  In fact, the tendency to guess at what this group deems important will not work.  Products that are embraced by gen Y will have to genuinely reflect their own tastes and lifestyles, not the tastes and preferences of the preceding generations. This will be as true for real estate as it is for technology products, etc.  Like it or not, the torch has been passed and gen Y will lead the next renaissance in real estate.  In fact, it has already begun – the next wave of home buyers is gaining momentum.

North Texas – A Great Place to Live, Work, and Play
October 31, 2011

Okay, forget about the traffic for just a second… North Texas is one of the best places in the US to live, work, and play.  It scores high marks across the board with only  a few exceptions.  Like many businesses, BlueLeaf Realty has put down roots in the heart of North Texas for the same reason so many residents call North Texas home.  There are job opportunities here, there are cultural attractions here, there are great sport’s venues here, and, last but not least, there are wonderful people here as well.  The best part: it’s only getting better.  As a company, BlueLeaf is growing just like the area, and we are embracing agents with the same perspective about service that we have.  Growing a real estate company over the past several years has been no small task but growing pains are a part of every great story.  We look forward to serving the North Texas community for decades to come and look forward to partnering with other North Texas real estate agents who share our MISSION to Deliver Remarkable Service.

BlueLeaf Agent, Jimmy Ramey, Delivers Remarkable Service Again
September 24, 2011

Jimmy Ramey

We are excited to announce that BlueLeaf Agent, Jimmy Ramey, has helped another client purchase their first home in North Tarrant County.  Jimmy’s standard of excellence is unparalleled.  We are also very excited for his clients who are now happy homeowners.  Congratulations to Jimmy and his clients and thanks for fulfilling BlueLeaf’s Mission.  In a very short time, Jimmy is on pace to become a top producer in real estate.  BlueLeaf Realty looks forward to being a part of his continued success.  To learn more about Jimmy, please visit www.jimmyramey.com.  Whether you’re buying your first home or your last home, Jimmy Ramey is a Realtor who will take excellent care of you.

Buying A Home – It’s A Family Affair
August 28, 2011

These days, pets and children of all ages are wielding their influence when it comes to shopping for a home.  Of course, mom and dad still have the final say but kids’ opinions do matter.  That’s why smart real estate agents are tuned into helping kids feel like they are a  part of the process.  Depending upon their age, kids have many ideas about what the ideal home looks like.  It’s not uncommon for them to offer valuable insight into what’s important in the family’s next home.   It’s no surprise that kids of all ages have ideas about what they are looking for in a home.  Some times these ideas are grandiose but often they are very thoughtful and should not be dismissed.  Pets, on the other hand, don’t get a vote nor do they have a voice, but they sure have advocates in their owners.  Most would-be home owners are very concerned about how their pets will live in each home they look at.  Just like kids, pets play a major role in our lives and we look at them as one of the family so the pet’s point of view does count.  Whether it’s kids, pets, or both, real estate agents who listen closely to their client’s needs as they relate to children and pets can play a valuable role in finding the right home for their client.  For real estate agents, it all comes down to Delivering Remarkable Service and keeping in mind that kids and pets are a very important part of the home buying experience!

Succeeding In Real Estate Today
April 29, 2011

Success in real estate does not come easily and requires a great deal of hard work.  With patience and perseverance, however, it is still possible to make an above average income in real estate even in today’s challenging real estate market.  A real estate agent must be personable and must have an innate drive to succeed.  They must also be willing to work hard to build their business and their brand.  If they are dogged and persistent, the hard work will pay off and their business and income will grow.  Very few career opportunities offer the same unlimited income potential as real estate.  Those who get into the real estate business believing in overnight success usually don’t fare well.  You must have a plan and must be ready to work that plan daily.  Only then will you see the return on your investment of time, energy, and effort.  You must also position yourself in a brokerage that has your back and is ready to help you reach your fullest potential.  That means the company you partner with should have a comprehensive training program designed to help you reach your goals.  Requirements do vary from state to state but Texas licensing requirements are straightforward.  Get started on your path to a career in real estate today!  There are many traditional and online real estate schools who are eager to help you pass the licensing exam.  Compared to two-year or four-year colleges, tuition for real estate is very minimal.  Upon completing your courses and passing the licensing exam, the final step is to partner with a sponsoring broker who is just as serious about your success as you are.  Email your questions about starting a career in real estate to blueleafrealty@gmail.com.

Blue Leaf Realty Finds its Slipstream
April 21, 2011

Blue Leaf Realty finds its slipstream in the bustling Alliance Corridor of North Texas and aims to expand in 2011/12.  In     spite of all the negative media attention surrounding real estate, Blue Leaf has continued to grow and is bullish on real estate for the forseeable future.  After a steep downturn in the residential market, a bottom has finally been reached in real estate, and BlueLeaf is looking forward to growing its brand in North Texas by fulfilling its Mission to Deliver Remarkable Service. “We are poised to take advantage of the real estate renaissance and look forward to growth in the years ahead,” says Blue Leaf’s cofounder, Liana Oram.  “Also,  I think today’s consumer is looking to partner with smaller, more responsive companies who can deliver the same service as a bigger company plus something more.”  Douglas Adams may have captured this idea best when he coined the phrase:

“To give real service you must add something which can’t be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”

We hope that communities across North Texas will embrace Blue Leaf Realty and partner with us as we carefully grow our brand by layering our service with sincerity and integrity.  If you live in North Texas, remember the real estate company with the distinctive logo – the blue leaf –  and visit BlueLeaf Realty  today to learn more about what it means to receive REMARKABLE service from a real estate company that really cares.  In addition, watch for Blue Leaf Realty to open offices in Granbury, TX and Austin, TX in the near future.  “For now, it’s all about swimming in our slipstream and satisfying our customers here in North Texas,” says  BlueLeaf’s cofounder, “and we look forward to doing just that.”