Off to the Races
August 27, 2013

apple-full[1]The start of a new school year brings mixed emotions.  For many, summer is too long and the start of a new school year is very exciting and long overdue.  For others, summer is never long enough and the end of summer brings nothing but anxiety as the next school year lurks around the corner.  For all kids and their families, it means transitioning away from the unscheduled pace of summer to a more hectic pace that fills the calendar with to do items.  Just as schools play a vital role in the lives of our kids, they also play a vital role in real estate.  Once again this year, Blue Leaf Realty had the good fortune of helping many families get into a new home just in time to begin the school year.  For that, we are grateful and we hope that all kids who are starting school or heading back to school will be challenged to reach their full potential.


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November 27, 2012

Going Back to School
August 28, 2012

As returning students, Liana and I did not really know what to expect when we signed up for graduate school at UTA in 2010.  Returning to school required some getting used to but we got back into the swing of it pretty fast.  Of course, we were older than most of our classmates and we had a business to run, but like many of them, we stayed up late on several occasions completing real estate projects and assignments.  Fortunately, we had each other to lean on.  We completed many projects together over the last two years and even wrote several real estate blogs.  Below is a complete list of the coursework that we completed to earn the MS in Real Estate at UTA:

REAE 5311 – Real Estate Analysis
REAE 5327 – Advanced Real Estate Market Analysis
REAE 5334 – Seminar in Real Estate Appraisal & ARGUS Software
REAE 5321 – Seminar in Real Estate Investment
REAE 5314 – Seminar in Real Estate Development
REAE 5319 – Seminar in Real Estate Finance
REAE 5317 – Real Estate Construction Management
REAE 5320 – Texas Real Estate Tour
REAE 5313 – GIS and Property Analysis
REAE 5318 – Sustainable Development
REAE 5315 – Real Estate Trends & Issues
REAE 5316 – Adaptive Reuse & Redevelopment

We learned a great deal about commercial real estate and would like to say thanks to professors, Dr. Forgey and Dr. Peterson, for helping us along the way.  For me, I must also say thanks to Liana.  She’s been a great study partner and has become a great spreadsheet creator, easily surpassing my expertise.  She’s not bad with a 10bii calculator either.  It’s been a lot of fun, we learned a lot, and we met some really nice people who I’m sure will prosper in the field of real estate.  Completing the program is a milestone and we are very glad to be done, but now comes the challenging part — putting what we learned into practice!

For help with commercial or residential real estate, please visit us online at where the MISSION is to Deliver Remarkable Service.

Jimmy Ramey Reaches Next Real Estate Milestone
July 8, 2012

Blue Leaf Agent, Jimmy Ramey, figures out the recipe for success in real estate – delivering service that is so remarkable that people tell friends and family about their experience.  Referrals are the centerpiece of every successful real estate agent’s story and Jimmy’s story is no different.  As a result of earning his client’s trust and garnering referrals, Jimmy expects to exceed his goal for 2012.  As the real estate market in North Texas continues to heat up, Jimmy is positioned to take his real estate business to the next level.  Coming from the restaurant industry where great service is crucial, Jimmy understands how important it is to WOW each client with remarkable service.  “It’s always great to get a referral from a past customer — it lets me know that I’ve done my job,” says Jimmy Ramey.  “Many thanks to all my past clients and others who have referred me – referrals keep me busy and being busy is what I love!”  To learn more about how word-of-mouth marketing can take your business to the next level, check out one of Blue Leaf Realty’s favorite authors – Andy Sernovitz.

Training Super-Agents in DFW
January 15, 2012

Helpful real estate agents aren’t easy to find; well-trained agents are even harder to find.  Blue Leaf Realty is changing that.  At Blue Leaf Realty, each agent is a Texas Realtor and undergoes extensive training designed with achieving BlueLeaf’s MISSION of Delivering Remarkable Service in mind.  The following categories comprise the BlueLeaf Super-Agent framework:  the Client Driven Agent, the Recognized Agent, the Organized Agent, the Professional Agent, and the Exceptional Agent.  Each category contains 4-6 independent lessons that challenge each BlueLeaf agent to think critically about each aspect of the real estate transaction.  At its core, the training is designed to help the agent better serve his or her clients and develop a sustainable real estate business model.  All BlueLeaf agents are required to finalize this training in addition to the education required by TX real estate law within their very first year of practicing.  As an added bonus, each agent completes many hours of BLR elective course material designed to enhance their understanding of their role within the real estate process.  Put this all together and what you have is a group of agents who are committed to Delivering Remarkable Service to their clients.  Thanks to all our agents who go out of their way each day to bolster our reputation – we appreciate your hard work and effort.

25 in 2012
January 2, 2012

A new year is all about resolutions.  At BlueLeaf Realty, our 2012 resolution is to partner with 25 new agents in 2012.  That means recruiting talented people in the DFW Metroplex who want to further their real estate careers at a company that cares about people, not just numbers.  Honestly, we are hoping the market gives us a lift.  There may be good news on the horizon as signals are indicating that a sustainable real estate recovery could be underway.  Hopefully, this is the case.  A strong real estate recovery will help the overall economy.  If real estate is indeed on the mend, now is the time to begin building a successful real estate business.  If you’re in the North Texas area and would like to talk about partnering with BlueLeaf, visit  Become one of the ‘original 25’ at the company that is Delivering Remarkable Service to clients across DFW.

North Texas – A Great Place to Live, Work, and Play
October 31, 2011

Okay, forget about the traffic for just a second… North Texas is one of the best places in the US to live, work, and play.  It scores high marks across the board with only  a few exceptions.  Like many businesses, BlueLeaf Realty has put down roots in the heart of North Texas for the same reason so many residents call North Texas home.  There are job opportunities here, there are cultural attractions here, there are great sport’s venues here, and, last but not least, there are wonderful people here as well.  The best part: it’s only getting better.  As a company, BlueLeaf is growing just like the area, and we are embracing agents with the same perspective about service that we have.  Growing a real estate company over the past several years has been no small task but growing pains are a part of every great story.  We look forward to serving the North Texas community for decades to come and look forward to partnering with other North Texas real estate agents who share our MISSION to Deliver Remarkable Service.

Great Companies Are Built on a Foundation of Small Gestures
September 5, 2011

If your business survived the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, it might be time to reflect on why your business survived and others did not.  Prior to the financial industry unleashing economic Armageddon on the US economy and then hoarding capital for years, many small companies were humming along oblivious to the financial turmoil that was bubbling under the surface.  Then 2008 and the ensuing financial meltdown changed everything overnight. 

Currently, the local and national landscape  is littered with stories of small businesses that struggled to make it but could not hold on in spite of tremendous effort.  Many had invested their entire life savings only to realize that their timing was really awful and there was no bailout plan and no golden parachutes waiting for them.  Many hopes and dreams were dashed.  And, with another recession looming on the horizon, it seems feasible that another round of businesses will have to throw in the towel if people tighten up their purse strings once again.  

Still, it’s worth asking why some companies made it while others who fought the good fight did not.  I suspect the answers are as varied as the companies that were created.  Partly, businesses that survived implemented strategies such as more efficient and streamlined operating procedures and serious cost-cutting measures.  But the real answer may be less about austerity measures or the creation of new streams of revenue; instead, the answer may be found in the quantity of personal sacrifices made by the company’s owners.  I’m sure there is a strong correlation between survival and sacrifice.  There has also been a renewed sense that a solid business foundation is more than just pretty spreadsheets and financial statements – it is a portrait of a thousand small gestures delivered to the company’s customers day after day.  In fact, small gestures are the adhesive that binds a solid foundation and keeps customers coming back time and time again.  Companies that hold fast to the idea that it is the countless small gestures delivered to customers each and every day which will carry it through the tough times and reward it during the good times.  

Hopefully, we can dodge another recession in the US and small businesses across the nation will finally  get to enjoy a bountiful harvest that is commensurate with their level of dedication and sacrifice.  If not, I suspect that many small businesses will hunker down, continue delivering small gestures to their clients and customers, and survive to become stronger than they were when they started out.  Unlike the people who run large bureaucracies, small business owners know better than to rely upon Washington to get it right or bail them out.   What they will rely upon is the notion that through hard work and sacrifice great things can be accomplished.  They don’t spend their time arguing over esoteric points or fawning over their hair in the mirror or fighting over the spotlight.  Those things matter little to them.  Washington should take heed and follow suit.

Seize the Day
August 9, 2011

Setting goals is important in every profession, but goal-setting is especially important, even crucial, for small business owners.  Each week, a small business owner must set short-term goals that, once accomplished, will result in them being farther down the path toward accomplishing their long-term goals and vision.  This is why it’s so important for small business owners to seize each day.  In the movie Dead Poet’s Society, Robin Williams challenges his students to live life according to the motto ‘carpe diem!’  It is good advice for students and business owners alike.  Take a look at the you tube video below from Dead Poet’s where students are admonished to seize the day:

Carpe diem!

Seizing the day, however, gets you nowhere unless you become an expert goal setter.  When it comes to setting goals, set ones that are SMART:

Specific    Measurable    Attainable    Realistic    Timely

Setting goals that are SMART will compel you to be accountable to your long-term vision.  Setting SMART goals regularly will also lead to extraordinary accomplishments over time.  Remember, life is more of a marathon than a sprint!  Set SMART goals and you will finish the race well.  Blog post inspired by a  first-class friend of mine, Kelli Kilpatrick – a real life marathoner.  Hope you’re back on the trail very soon Mrs. K.

Blue Leaf Realty Adds New Agent – Jimmy Ramey
June 25, 2011

J. Ramey Realtor

Blue Leaf Realty, a privately held real estate company serving North Texas, continues to grow and is proud to announce the addition of a new real estate agent – Mr. Jimmy Ramey.  As is the case with all BlueLeaf agents, Mr. Ramey is looking forward to Delivering Remarkable Service to his clients.  “We are blessed and very excited to have Jimmy as part of our residential and commercial real estate group,” says BlueLeaf co-founder, Liana Oram.  “He is an outstanding person who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our company.”  Mr. Ramey, a native Texan, grew up in Grapevine, attended Texas Tech University, and he is also a professional bartender for weddings and private events.